Studied violin and piano at the conservatory in Bratislava. Private study of playing the guitar focused on jazz. Successfully participated in several violin competitions as well as being a concert master in Nitra’s violin orchestra Organised concerts under the name Dimo & Guests with well known Slovak musicians. As a guitarist and violinist he performed at various music festivals in Belgium, France, Germany or Switzerland. Since 2001 he has lived in France, where he performed with Singer René Parentin and in the band Macadame and Dimo group.

The outstanding feature of his professional activity is brilliant instrumentality, exceptional musical feeling and creative inventiveness. He is able to attract all of the generations by his play. He can play many musical instruments, which is very useful for applying the wide spectrum of musical genres. He also uses his rich repertory of read up on music.

Regularly collaborates with long-time colleagues such as: 

Drummer Martin Valihora, Drummer Emil Frátrik, Drummer Stanko Kociov, Bassist Juraj Griglák, Eugen Vizváry, Desmod, Gladiator, Aidži Sabo, Juraj Bartoš, Andrea Zimányiova, Libor Babuljak, Peter Prelo Preložník, Rastik Toman, Peter Kotry, Brnka Vlado, Karol, Martin Žiak, Sveťka Ďuran, Brigita Tarinová, Yvonne Katrin Fiedler, Joan Croker, Rene Parentin, Tomáš Farkaš, Dominika Titková, Ivana Regešová, Peter Rajtl, Juraj Burian, Hans Georg Brunner Schwer (produced Oscar Peterson, The Singers Unlimited), Hubert Ramm, Luc Gergone , Erik Dimitrov, Anita Soul, Robert Vizvári, Pavol Bodnár, Robo Opatovský, Mária Čírová.

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